What if you could “test out” of college, graduate in ⅓ the time, and escape the “financial death trap” that ruins most students’ lives?

imagineBefore you answer, ask yourself: How is this any different than the plot of Saw?

(For those unaware, the characters of this 2004 thriller awake in a windowless basement, chained to radiators while a spooky tape recorder tells them to saw off their feet if they want to see daylight again.)

What most students never realize is their student loans put them in almost the exact same position. You land the higher-paying job, but most of your money gets siphoned away to lenders. College was supposed to be what allowed you to get ahead, not what stopped you!

Where did we go wrong?

Why does the standard path to success resemble a gruesome horror movie?

It doesn’t have to.

Unemployment and debt slavery are NOT your only two options. Using my Do-It-Yourself Degree approach, you can graduate from a real, regionally accredited college by taking tests instead of classes. Depending on your desired major, you can earn most of your degree (70%-80%) or even ALL of it by testing out…no matter where you live.

Each exam costs just $80-$250 (versus $3,000+ per class.) The best part: you can graduate in 1.5 years or less, instead of the typical four.



How I accidentally discovered this “ethical college shortcut” to graduating faster

Truthfully, it was all an accident. I found myself in the same boat as a lot of other students when (as a junior transfer student at UConn) I was faced with the all-too-common “debt or dropout” decision.

Each night, on my hour-long commute to school, I pressed myself: “what am I going to do about this?” It was the same dilemma I had read about thousands of other students going through, and I absolutely hated it.

The difference is that I refused to accept it. Unlike most students my age (23 at the time) I already possessed a strong background in research and problem solving…

  • High School: Made the front page of Wired.com for tracking down the creators of a destructive virus—one that some victims called “the most evil thing on the Internet.”
  • College: Was a “go-to” ghostwriter for companies like TurboTax, writing over 250 full-length, exhaustively researched articles on topics ranging from college, business, personal finance, and technology.
  • Today: Collaborate with senior-level creatives at companies like VMware on infographics and data visualization.

These experiences taught me how to deconstruct problems and dig up the answers other experts overlooked.

So when I encountered the typical college dilemma, I fell back on my training. I sifted through all of the scams, all of the questionable “online degree” programs, all of the BS theories and half-baked approaches the amateurs swore would work. I ignored them all, focused solely on real solutions for intelligent adults.

After months of research, I discovered the degree-by-examination approach (quickly renamed DIY Degree.) But before releasing it, I did what almost no one else does: I tested and perfected it MYSELF. Only after solving all the problems, eliminating all the barriers, and making it simple for anyone to use did I share it with the public.

This is NOT recycled information that anyone with Google and a spare 20 minutes can find. I thoroughly tested the DIY Degree approach: creating systems, schedules, and step-by-step processes from scratch.

Join the DIY Degree Student’s Circle

The DIY Degree Student’s Circle is an exclusive “member’s only” community where I walk you through earning your degree in record time (and for less money) than you ever dreamed possible.

Why would you join? Because luckily, you don’t have to do all the of the reverse-engineering that I did! As I was earning my degree, I documented everything:

  • A “Master List” of every exam, passing/failing scores, study guides, etc.
  • Scheduling tricks and study hacks to efficiently manage your time
  • Systems for staying motivated and tracking progress
  • Exact steps for enrolling, tracking paperwork, and graduating

…and gathered it all into a step-by-step system for you to follow. I can’t earn your degree for you, but I have eliminated the guesswork.


About Me

  • Writing professionally for top brands like TurboTax, Mint, Billshrink, and Wisebread
  • Served as editor of I Will Teach You To Be Rich, a personal finance blog with 300,000 readers/mo.
  • Brainstorming, researching, and managing infographics for Column Five’s business/technology clients (including Cisco and Intuit)
  • Made the front page of Wired for investigating a spyware company in high school

I love researching, investigating, and simplifying difficult topics for anyone who wants to learn.

Why did I start DIY Degree?

All I wanted was to earn my degree without debt or waiting games.

I never planned to start a website about the DIY Degree – it was just a way for me to graduate faster.

I decided to share my findings with other students who felt locked out of the traditional college system. I was intent on publishing with the same exacting standards and authenticity the Fortune 500 clients at my job would want.

I love researching, investigating, and simplifying difficult topics for anyone who wants to learn.


Your membership gets you the following

  • A private, “members only” forum to discuss strategies, success stories, and advice with other DIY Degree students (I personally moderate and keep discussions on track)
  • Study resources for passing your exams
  • A personalized “progress tracker” to show how close you are to graduating
  • Post-graduation help: expert advice on networking, crafting the perfect resume, negotiating a higher salary, and landing your dream job

Who this is perfect for

  • Adults who need a degree to get promoted by their current employer
  • High schoolers deciding on the most intelligent/affordable way to earn a degree
  • Current students who have some college credits already but want a faster/less expensive way to graduate
  • Anyone who understands that college is an investment and wants it to pay off (rather than blindly believing “an education is worth any price”)

Who this is NOT for

  • People who care about the “brand name” of their degree above everything else
  • People who need the structure and supervision of a classroom to get work done
  • People who are not comfortable taking a new approach to graduating


If you meet the “perfect fit” criteria, the DIY Degree will save you months (perhaps years) of time and tens of thousands of dollars—guaranteed. If not, there are better options for you elsewhere.


Every day, there are a thousand things we “could” do to get ahead…

  • Clip coupons
  • Drive less
  • Save more money

…but in fact, MOST of our financial freedom comes from how we handle a few major purchases: our car, our home/apartment, and yes, our education. The way we make these decisions can either paralyze us with debt, or give us the flexibility to do what we want. Think back to Saw and the typical college dilemma. Millions of students have buried themselves in debt because they saw no other way. You now have one. For only $149 you will receive LIFETIME access to The Do It Yourself Degree Guide, my exclusive member’s-only community forum, the exclusive Test List, and much more!