What is DIY Degree?

The Do-It-Yourself Degree helps students earn real, accredited bachelor’s degrees by taking exams at their own pace—instead of taking classes at a college’s pace. Each exam costs just $80-$100 (versus $3,000+ per class.) And it only takes 1 year instead of 4.

End result? You graduate in ¼ the time, for 1/20 the cost of a 4-year, $100,000 degree…with the exact same legitimacy and earning power. No headaches, waiting games, or student loans.

6 common questions about DIY Degree


#1: “Do I HAVE to finish my degree in a year or less?”
No. I emphasize speedy completion because it’s an important benefit and something many students want to accomplish.

But just because you CAN earn your degree that fast doesn’t mean you have to. The DIY Degree is a totally self-paced approach. You can take your exams as quickly or as slowly as you want and there are no fees/penalties for putting your degree on hold.

In short, you are 100% in charge of how soon you graduate.

#2: “Am I earning a real, regionally accredited degree by following the DIY Degree process?”
Yes. This was my biggest question when I discovered the DIY Degree approach and debated whether to use it myself.

My goal was to go to Harvard Business School after college. Only 10% of applicants get in, so the odds were against me already. The last thing I needed was a degree their admissions officers would look down on.

Luckily, degrees earned this way are regionally accredited, just like those awarded by your local state schools or private universities. They are normal degrees earned in a faster and less expensive way. In fact, I was able to determine that DIY Degree holders have been accepted to some of the most prestigious grad schools in America, including:

  • Harvard
  • Yale
  • Columbia
  • Cornell
  • Etc.

So yes, these are real degrees you can proudly display on a resume and show to absolutely anyone.

#3: “I live in [New York/California/Hawaii.] Can I still earn my degree this way?”
Yes. The DIY Degree is totally location-independent.

No matter where you live in America, there are testing centers to take your exams at. I’ll show you exactly where they are (plus how to determine which exams you need and create a personalized schedule for taking them.)

I traveled extensively while earning my degree and being able to test in Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut was a huge help.

#4: “What do employers think about degrees earned with exams?”
No differently than normal.

For one thing, unless your employer takes the unusual step of asking for your transcripts, they wont even know you graduated with exams. These are normal degrees (they don’t say “tested out” on them!) But even if they don’t, you should bring it up – because it can instantly elevate you above other job applicants.

Think about what starting and finishing the DIY Degree process says about you.

It means you not only designed your own degree program from scratch (which I show you exactly how to do) but also that you independently scheduled, studied for, and passed anywhere from 20-40 challenging tests–with ZERO outside help.

Most people would never have the dedication to do this. Although it’s a much faster way to graduate, DIY Degree actually requires more discipline and hustle than the traditional, classroom-based approach.

Employers WANT to hire people with that kind of entrepreneurial, problem-solving attitude. So the exam-based approach to graduating is not an obstacle – if anything, it could be your biggest selling point!

(NOTE: I recorded an entire 30-minute MP3 about why DIY Degrees make you irresistible to employers and how to stand out from the crowd. Sign up below to receive it instantly.)

#5: “Is there anyone who SHOULDN’T earn a degree the DIY way?”
Actually, yes. The DIY Degree is for students who simply want to graduate quickly so they can jump-start their careers.

Therefore, if you:

  • Are super-passionate about studying a specific subject from the absolute best professors (instead of on your own or from non-college mentors)
  • Deeply desire a very unique type of degree (say, a double major/minor of business/finance and history/computer science)
  • Truly love face-to-face instruction and personal interaction with other students
  • Can’t wait to take out massive student loans and spend 10-20 years repaying them (I had to add this one)

…then the DIY Degree probably isn’t right for you.

Personally, I found that my favorite subjects (business/writing) were best learned from experience, that I didn’t care WHICH degree I got (so long as it was legitimate/accredited) and that sitting in class bored me to tears.

As someone who worked full-time, I also appreciated being able to move at MY pace (instead of the college’s.)

If you’re anything like me, the DIY Degree will be a perfect fit. If not, no hard feelings.

#6: “If graduating this way is really so fast and affordable, why aren’t more people doing it?”
This is what my friends and colleagues (who obviously trust me) asked when I graduated the DIY Degree way.

There are three main reasons:

  • Habit. Most people are not interested in contrarian, “outside-the-box” solutions to their problems. They prefer the usual path because it takes no thought, is easy to explain, and offers a convenient alibi (“but I did what I was supposed to do!”) if they fail.
  • Greed. Higher education is a massive, billion-dollar industry. When you pay a $25,000 tuition bill, you are a customer handing money to a business. Put yourself in their shoes. If you knew it was possible to earn the same degree, in a fourth of the time, for 1/20th of the cost…would YOU talk about it?
  • College scams. There are a ton of them and they make intelligent people skeptical of degree programs they have not heard of before.

Regardless, the DIY Degree offers a way for anyone who feels “locked out” of the college system by time or cost to earn their degree in record time–without mortgaging their futures.



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