“Discover How to Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree In One Year (or Less) – Without Taking Expensive Classes or Going to College!”

Now You Can Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree in 1 Year (for 1/20th the Cost of a 4-Year, $100,000 Degree) by Taking Tests Instead of Classes.

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If you think the only way you can earn your bachelor’s degree is by sitting in a classroom or trudging through tedious online coursework – think again. If you’re smart, savvy and self-motivated (and understand the system I’m about to explain) you can teach college subjects to yourself and test-out of them for thousands of dollars less (and in a fraction of the time) than ordinary students pay!

In fact, if you’re really willing to hustle, you can conquer the ultimate challenge: earning a respected bachelor’s degree in one year or less.

For the right kind of student, degree-by-examination is truly the economical and accelerated college path you’ve been searching for!

How Does Degree-By-Examination Actually Work?

Universities have quietly offered students the ability to test-out of their coursework for decades.

It works like this…

You, the student, feel that you have mastered a given subject (say, “English 101”) at a college level. “There’s no reason I should have to take a class for this”, you think to yourself. “I know English, and I can prove it!”

Most students go no further, assuming their only choice is to go to class and grind it out.

But Not You

Instead, you march down to the registrar’s office and say “I want to take the English Composition CLEP test (”CLEP” stands for, “College Level Examination Program” and it’s the most common way of testing-out.)

So you schedule a date, pay an $80 fee, show up and take the exam – and when you pass, you walk out of the testing center with 3 college credits on your transcript – exactly as if you had diligently shown up to class all semester long.

But, if you are like most students, nobody ever told you about testing-out before. Or, if you did know about it, you likely saw it as a neat “hack” for skipping a course or two – rather than a powerful strategy that you can use to accelerate your entire degree!

It’s no surprise, either.

Most universities intentionally keep students in the dark about how much testing-out they can do. If students were fully aware of their options (like my students are) they could intelligently shave years of time and tens of thousands of dollars off one of the most expensive investments they ever make.


This is precisely how I finished my business degree – and now I teach others how to do the same.


So, How Can You Use Degree-By-Examination
In Your Own College Career?

First, you have to answer a crucial question:

Are you a self-motivated person?

Think carefully, because not everyone is. For most students college means little more than showing up to class twice a week and passively “getting an education” until the bell rings.

If that’s you, degree-by-examination might not be the best fit.

But, if you ARE a self-motivated person, degree-by-examination gives you absolute control over your degree pursuit, enabling you to…

  • Learn at an Accelerated Rate
  • Pass Your Subjects as SOON as You Feel Ready
  • Graduate Sooner than You Ever Dreamed Possible!

Two More Questions Need To Be Answered To Determine If
Degree-By-Examination Is Truly Right For You:

  1. Are you interested in one of these majors: business, psychology, accounting, computer science?
  2. Are you willing to exclude universities that aren’t “test-out friendly” and attend one that is?

If you answered “yes” to both of those questions, then it’s fully possible to construct a exam-based degree plan, teach yourself the subjects it contains and graduate in one year or less!

If the amount of time that you’ll save isn’t enough to get you excited about testing-out, the potential savings definitely should!

I call this the “Do-It-Yourself Degree” strategy and I’ve systematized this process into a working format that my students are using to duplicate my results by getting their degrees in a fraction of the time and cost – and you can!

Jay Cross I’m Jay Cross, founder of DoItYourselfDegree.com.

I successfully completed my own degree-by-examination, and once I graduated with my bachelor’s in business, I decided to build a program that made it easy for students like me to do what I did.

When You Know Better – You Do Better

If you’re the kind of person that’s committed to moving forward with your career, and you’re not content to wait around any longer – take the next step and get started with my rapid-graduation roadmap here!

Now that you know that you can get your degree (without waiting for years or spending a fortune) the choice is up to you.

I hope that you will follow in the steps of hundreds of others who have advanced their careers by leapfrogging to graduation and taking the road less traveled – by testing out!

To your success,

~ Jay Cross