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Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree In One Year (or Less)

DIY Degree is a college acceleration community empowering career-minded students to save years of time and tons of money by teaching themselves. If you want to earn a bachelor’s degree by this time next year, we’ll show you the standout system for finishing college faster so you can get ahead quicker. If you qualify, DIY Degree will help you graduate from a participating university in one year or less for under $10,000 in tuition!

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If you think the only way you can earn your bachelor's degree is by sitting in a classroom or trudging through tedious online coursework - think again. If you’re smart, savvy and self-motivated (and understand the system I’m about to explain) you can teach college subjects to yourself and test-out of them for thousands of dollars less (and in a fraction of the time) than ordinary students pay!

In fact, if you’re really willing to hustle, you can conquer the ultimate challenge: earning a respected bachelor’s degree in one year or less.

For the right kind of student, degree-by-examination is truly the economical and accelerated college path you've been searching for!


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Individual Student Empowerment

We give career-minded students the tools to take complete ownership of their college journey. Don’t limit yourself. If the standard path to graduation isn’t for you, DIY Degree will show you a smarter one.

Powerfully Different Perspectives

We share uncommon strategies that go far beyond typical scholastic tips. Forget scholarships and “fast-track” programs that aren’t fast enough. DIY Degree unshackles you from the traditional machine so you can graduate as quickly as you’re willing to work.

Explosive Career Growth

We help you rise above the crowd like college graduates did thirty years ago. With a degree that showcases your entrepreneurial spirit, you wont just meet a hiring manager’s requirements. You’ll blow them away.

Vincent Lu

“Working through my degree gave me the feel for setting my own study hours and choosing which exams to take, which is a world apart from mindlessly following the same course schedule as a hundred other people.

I didn’t just graduate faster than normal students. DIY Degree also built up my self-discipline like nothing else I’ve ever done.”

Theo Assogba

“I’ve earned 30 credits in 3 weeks and taught every inch of those subjects to myself. That’s more than two full semesters of material at a normal pace.

Thank you so much for DIY Degree!”

John Boyle

“After joining DIY Degree, I found new hope through the capacity to self-study and develop my intuition regarding various subject matters while completing coursework without the filler. I found myself completing coursework twice as fast at the cost of a textbook without even using a textbook—that’s 2 courses per month at $130 per course. I was doing this while working 60 hours per week. I couldn’t fathom performing such an endeavor while experiencing the confines of the formal educational system.”

Self-Directed College

You didn’t give your son or daughter a unique learning experience to send them into the meat grinder of mediocrity at eighteen. DIY Degree honors your child’s individuality by empowering them to earn an official college education from their own learning.

Degrees Without Debt

You don’t have to rely on scholarship contests or FAFSA roulette to make college a reality. DIY Degree helps your child earn their bachelor’s degree in one year or less for under $10,000 by teaching themselves.

Future Leader Training

Your child needs more than a “piece of paper” to thrive in today’s world. DIY Degree is a warp-speed clinic in time management, productivity and problem solving that will prepare your child to lead the pack instead of following.

Your Shortest Path

Your search is over. DIY Degree represents the quickest, most affordable path to the graduation stage of any college program on Earth. Nothing comes close. We’ll get you there faster than online courses, community college or “adult learning programs” that keep you waiting instead of winning.

Ignite Your Career

You never get any younger than now. Imagine your life one year from today with a debt-free degree on your wall. What doors would that open? More importantly, what are you waiting for? Let DIY Degree help you graduate in one year or less for under $10,000 in tuition.

Your Hyperfocus Advantage

Your unique ability to “hyperfocus” might have been a hardship in the classroom, but it’s a huge asset for DIY Degree. In fact, our self-directed strategies might just represent the most ADHD-friendly college approach of all!

Intense Burst Productivity

You probably enjoy working extremely hard for small bursts of time instead of slow and steady for eight hours straight. DIY Degree capitalizes on this, empowering you to study when you’re locked in and guiltlessly disengage when you’re not.

Fidget-Friendly Learning

You don’t need to spend your life in a seat just to walk across the stage. With DIY Degree, YOU are 100% in control of how, when and where you earn credit for your self-study.

Your Self-Taught Degree

Everyone loves the Good Will Hunting scene where Matt Damon tells a snobby Ivy Leaguer “you dropped $150,000 for an education you could’ve gotten for $1.50 in late charges at the public library.” The retort, of course, is that at least the snobby Ivy Leaguer got a degree. But what if you could do both? What if you could earn an official university degree FROM your independent study?

A New Perspective

Our “DIY University Database” turns this idealized vision into a concrete reality. Inside, you’ll discover how over 1,200 four-year universities allow students to earn fast, inexpensive, “DIY” credit for what they teach themselves. The “DIY University Database” establishes a powerfully different perspective on choosing a college. Instead of going to the school with the most prestigious faculty, or the largest financial aid payouts, or the top U.S. News rankings, you can attend the university that awards the most credit for your own learning.