Is testing out of college “just a shortcut?”

Has anyone ever made an assumption about some part of life (your diet, wardrobe, workout routine, etc.) which they had no first-hand experience with?

I don’t know about you, but that pisses me off on a primal level. Before I have any rational thoughts, the emotional centers of my brain say “who the hell do you think you are?”

Well, this happened to me in a guest post I wrote for The Art of Manliness. Read more…

The story you tell yourself about college

Last year, I spent three days in NYC for a mind-blowing event called The Landmark Forum.

This wasn’t your typical “self-help” seminar. No flowery language or singing around the campfire.

It was actually, as one attendee called it, “simple common sense delivered in an environment of startling intensity.” Read more…

Why your major doesn’t matter (AKA the Streetlight Effect)

Ever hear of the streetlight effect?

It’s a mental bias where people look for something NOT where it’s most likely to be, but where it’s easiest to look. Read more…

Change is automatic, progress is not

I think most inspirational quotes are stupid, but every once in awhile, I read one that really connects.

A recent favorite comes from Tony Robbins. If you’re at all interested in earning your degree, you can’t afford to ignore this. Read more…

What you want vs. what you’re committed to

Over the last 2 years, I’ve been lucky enough to work with a mentor in DIY Degree. Someone almost twice my age — with a ton of business experience — who points out lessons I simply haven’t been around long enough to know.

I could write a whole series about what this person has taught me.

However, the BIGGEST lesson (and the one most relevant to YOU as a degree-seeking student) is this: Read more…