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What Students are Saying…

Patrick HaggertyJoining DIY Degree was the academic equivalent of trading a Honda Civic for a muscle car. With no class times to wait around for, I was able to challenge myself and study as aggressively as I possibly could. I earned in four weeks the number of credits other students spend twelve months in class for. Now I’m on track to graduate with my bachelor’s degree in six months time. I wouldn’t have believed it before trying, but DIY Degree is the real deal.

– Patrick Haggerty

Vincent LuYour system taught me what it’s like to take the smart, cheap, fast path instead of the slow, conventional, expensive one. Working through my degree gave me the feel for setting my own study hours and choosing which exams to take, which is a world apart from mindlessly following the same course schedule as a hundred other kids. I didn’t just graduate faster than normal students. DIY Degree also built up my self-discipline like nothing else I’ve ever done.”

– Vincent Lu

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johnboyleAfter joining DIY Degree, I found new hope through the capacity to self-study and develop my intuition regarding various subject matters while completing coursework without the filler. I found myself completing coursework twice as fast at the cost of a textbook without even using a textbook—that’s 2 courses per month at $130 per course. I was doing this while working 60 hours per week. I couldn’t fathom performing such an endeavor while experiencing the confines of the formal educational system.

I’m now about 2 weeks away from completing my undergrad degree.

The time and money I saved through Jay’s DIY Degree program is astronomical and my employer’s management team has been awestruck when I update them on my educational experiences.”

– John Boyle

theoassogbaI’ve earned 30 credits in 3 weeks and taught every inch of those subjects to myself. That’s more than two full semesters of material at a normal pace. Thank you so much for DIY Degree!”

– Theo Assogba

Elan HacklerJay, I have just started on my journey with you. All of these years I thought I was too dumb, too slow, etc. to pass college subjects. Now, thanks to you I am enrolled, studying, and succeeding. I am learning and I LOVE IT! You are throwing the door wide open for others to pass through on the path to higher education and greater opportunities. Making the world a better place! That is what it’s all about isn’t it? I will put you on my prayer list, if that’s ok.”

– Elan Hacker

Mark HsiArmed with Jay’s DIY Degree strategies, we launched off on a bold experiment with our son Joshua in the Spring semester of his freshman year in high school. We reduced his course load at the charter high school he attends to two classes and then had him begin studying for and taking CLEP exams.

By the end of the Spring semester, Joshua had earned 36 college credits through the CLEP exams, meaning that he had essentially tested out of his freshman year in college in one semester.

Our goal is for Joshua to complete his college degree by the time he is ready to graduate from high school. I could not be happier with the self-motivation, time management habits and independence this system is instilling in our son.”

– Mark Hsi

James MalloneeMr. Cross’ system will cut years and tens of thousands of dollars off your college degree – putting you in control of your career and life – instead of the bank. I highly recommend this especially to military where getting an education via traditional methods can be difficult because of PCS moves, TDYs to unusual locations, and working odd shift schedules.”

– James Mallonee, SMSgt USAF, former counselor at Community College of The Air Force

Kayla McCoolThank you for starting this movement. Your approach is truly revolutionizing education!”

– Kayla McCool

The appeal of DIY Degree was that I could pour in however much time I wanted to my studies without being limited by someone else’s schedule. Now I can show future employers what I’M really made of, instead of how some school held me by one hand and robbed me out of the other.

– James S

I just passed my first exam. You inspired me to do it!”

– Pedro Q.