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What We Do At DIY Degree

DIY Degree is dedicated to helping you graduate faster, less expensively and more impressively than everyone else. How, you ask? By taking a completely different approach to your college education.

Our students teach themselves, save tens of thousands of dollars and earn their bachelor’s degree in one year or less!

DIY Degree: “The Big Idea” in 100 Words

America’s college system is failing you. Seven in ten students owe an average of $30,000 before they ever walk off campus. 45% of them demonstrate no improvement in learning while on campus. Employers openly complain about graduates who cannot think critically, take responsibility or solve problems.

You need to approach college in a radical new way to overcome these obstacles.

DIY Degree shows you how.

If you’re new to this concept, watch our founder, Jay Cross, explain DIY Degree on Fox Business Network.


Unlike most students, who simply complain about the unfair realities of today’s college world, DIY Degree students overcome those obstacles in a way that makes them irresistible to employers.

Let’s compare the struggles typical students experience to the advantages DIY Degree students enjoy.

You Will Teach Yourself As Quickly As You Wish

Ordinary students take classes when their college offers them, absorbing their coursework little by little until the professor decides they’re ready to pass several months later.

DIY Degree students teach themselves and “test out” of their subjects as soon as they feel ready. If you have test anxiety, don’t worry. Testing out isn’t the only way to earn credit for your self-directed learning. DIY Degree students also use Portfolio Learning Assessment (PLA) to earn credit for work performed independently from home.

You Will Graduate As Fast As You Are Willing To Work

Ordinary students are held down to the lowest common denominator, required to wait even if they are willing to work harder for a speedier graduation.

DIY Degree students are in total control of when they graduate, because the only limiting factor is how quickly they can pass their tests or build their portfolios. With focused effort, you can realistically graduate in a year or less!

You Will Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Tuition

Ordinary students pay astronomical tuition rates, emptying their savings or going deep into debt because they don’t know all their options.

DIY Degree students pass exams that cost $80-$100 each to earn the exact same credits ordinary students spend thousands of dollars for. With a strategically planned degree roadmap, you can earn your entire bachelor’s degree for under $10,000!

You Will Stand Out As A Self-Motivated Problem Solver

Ordinary students get lumped in with everybody else, appearing no different to a hiring manager than every other recent graduate in the job market.

DIY Degree students separate themselves from the pack, blowing employers away with their creative and entrepreneurial college journey. Anybody can say they’re self-motivated, but our students prove it by achieving what others never will.

Our community is focused on helping students like you achieve the extraordinary results above. If you’re dedicated to slaying the college beast in standout fashion, we’re proud to offer you two paths for moving forward.

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